Port A Fishing

Jeff, Jay and Chris found the HOT Red bite Jay, Jackie, Peter and Joe - great day for Redfish & Sheephead Another GREAT day fishing! New Casey Family record 46" Red - September '11 Previous Casey Family record 44 1/8" Red - June '08 Previous Casey Family record 45" Red - September '10
Jackie makes the Wall of Fame with a 43 1/4" Bull Red - March 15, 2010 Jeff's first big jetty Red Monster 43" Red off the North Jetty Jackie landed a very fat 42" Red Tanned Red shines golden in a setting sunlight Black Drum for dinner
20" Mango, the biggest we've caught Hard to hold a live Tarpon for a quick picture! Jay reviving Chris's Tarpon for release... This Tarpon will live to thrill another fisherman... Jay boats a Tarpon Jeff's 42 1/2" Drum
Chris got a 42 1/2" Drum, but much uglier than Jeff's! Jeff broke the family record with this 29" at the "land cut" in April of 2006 Jackie made the 40" club with a fat 41"! Jeff's 1st Big Red Debbie's first 42" Red Chris and 43 1/2" Red
Chris had the record Trout of 28" Jay's 1st Big Red Debbie catches her first big Red at the Fina Dock Bill's 39" Red is his biggest One of 30 plus bull Reds Rusty and Chris got over 3 days ...and a Red Snapper to boot!
Jay showing a Red from our new favorite hole of the South Jetties Brian caught some Big Red in November ... another 42"... Diane showing her first Big Red, with help from Jay.... Reds galore in our south jetty hole Chris and Jay got in a hot trout bite in Decemebr '06... Brian and 37" Jack
Jay finally landed a Jack on light tackle Not the longest, but the fatest! Nice Mango! Beautiful Black Drum in February Jay and Chris with 2 of 7 Big Reds landed on North Jetty in 2 hours Sheephead anyone?
Big King on a lemon rig ... was a blast Dick's 1st Big Red Rusty had never seen a Drum Ronnie got a 25" at the "land cut" Jay with a nice 36" Red Brian's 1st Big Red
Jackie got a Red! Peter's 1st Big Red Jim's 1st Big Red One of many nice Reds at the Fina Twin Reds for the B-B-Q Yummy Trout for dinner
Big red survived a shark attack? ..and swam away for another day.. Chris caught a Kingfish INSIDE the Jetties Diane's biggest fish ever! .. a 40" Kingfish.. Jack had a Mac Attack.. Kings off the jetty Jay caught this pretty nice Cravelle trolling for King at the anchorage
Jay got a Blacktip......trolling for Kingfish! Reds, Mango and Mackerel in September Mom afraid to touch that thang... Jay - serious fishing at the North Jetty PJ's 1st Trout off the boat the boat
the new boat PJ couldn't believe the runs of mullet at the mouth of the channel..